Thursday, November 04, 2004

OSX v10.4 Tiger: Core Data

MacOSX v10.4 Tiger: Developer Overview
Core Data gives you the ability to create a description of your data objects. Once defined, Core Data handles most of the heavy work of managing your data objects, both in-memory and on-disk. This allows you to focus on application logic and avoid the infrastructure work. In short, Core Data is a model-driven object management graph and persistence framework....

In Tiger, Core Data will support three different kinds of files for storage of data:

* A text-based XML file format
* A better performing binary file format
* A high-performance, SQLite-based database file format

Each of these file formats has its strengths. The XML file format is a good choice during the development of an application as it allows you to peek inside the file and see what is going on. The SQLite format will often be the best choice for desktop applications because of its performance characteristics.

I wonder if thi s is the database used by the Spotlight metadata engine. If this datbase were to be used by iPhoto and iTunes ...

An OS supplied set of object-SQL services. Big.

Sigh. Apple is good at marketing to geeks. I'm ready to send them money now ...

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