Thursday, November 04, 2004

OS X Tiger: Automator and other themes

10.4 Tiger: Developer Overview
AppleScript has long allowed users to combine the abilities of multiple applications in new and unexpected ways. Automator takes AppleScript's application integration technologies a huge step further. With Automator, end-users can drag-and-drop actions from various applications into a single, saveable workflow. It's similar to writing shell scripts and piping the output of one command-line tool to another with pipes, but with a visual interface.

Tiger's themes seem to be search (Spotlight), metadata (Spotlight database) and end-user extensibility (Automator and Dashboard).

I'm persuaded Tiger should deliver real value to me. I doubt it will work well on my G3 iBook of course, so the real cost is much higher than a $130 upgrade price. It should work well on the new G5 iMacs.

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