Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Canon Downgrades Elura Camcorder Line

Canon Updates Elura Camcorder Line - News, Guides and Tips - Consumer Camcorders -
In an effort to reduce the size however, Canon has in some ways downgraded the Eluras. The S-Video ports available on last year's Eluras have been removed from this year's models. Also, the hot accessory shoes found on last year's Elura 65 and Elura 70 have been replaced by cold shoes on this year's models. In a ways, the alterations made to last year's Eluras are similar to those made on the ZR series this year. Canon has removed some features in the interest of making these new models not only more affordable but also slightly smaller.
Losing the S-video is a big deal for someone who wants to do digital passthrough. Amazon is discounting the older models. Looks like a good time to buy an Elura 70!

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