Sunday, January 30, 2005

Digital camera market slowing ...

PhotographyBLOG -:- Canon Predicts Digital Camera Sales Increase in 2005

Looks like digital cameras will change at a slower rate in 2005. The profit is draining out of the market, with even Canon missing their sales forecast. Olympus is in the red. I know that I'm not all that interested in what's being sold right now (I have a G2 and s410). I want more light sensitivity with good optics and focus in a G2-style package.
'Canon said it sold 14.0 million digital cameras in 2004, falling short of its forecast of 14.7 million. It forecast sales to rise about 20 percent to 16.8 million this year, including 1.8 million digital single lens reflex (SLR) models.

Tanaka said prices of compact digital cameras would likely fall about 10 percent in 2005 after dropping 15 percent last year. But he said Canon would work to maintain margins and avoid the troubles faced by Olympus Corp. and some other makers whose camera divisions have fallen into the red.

Canon’s camera division boasts an operating profit margin of about 15 percent.'

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