Saturday, January 08, 2005

MSP Recreation: Roller Garden Skating and Blading

Roller Garden - MSP - Saint Louis Park

We're suffering through a snowless winter with 3 children who're reluctant to learn to ice skate. This site was surprisingly hard to find, but it looks like an option for snowless recreation. Another new one is tubing at Afton Alps, but only for children > 5 yo or taller than 42".

Indoor inline or roller skating places aren't well represented in the search world. I used Google, Froogle, Yahoo business search, the paper Yellow Pages and our family memory. Each one added something. Only the print yellow pages correctly listed the Wooddale (Woodbury) Rec Center as a local site for roller/inline skating and for parties. I'll have to add a number of the discoveries to the MSP rec page I maintain.

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