Monday, January 03, 2005

iPhoto to Flickr: open source application :: Flickr Export Plugin for iPhoto

Another tool for iPhoto to Flickr export. This one is open source.

The better iPhoto/Flickr becomes, the more likely I'll switch from Smugmug to Flickr. I don't care about the image sharing -- I only share images within a small group of grandmother, aunts, etc. The integration is great however.

Flickr is benefitting from geek community support. Smugmug has to either figure a way to do the same, or they have to invest in OS S support.

PS. MacWorld is Jan 10th. It's rumored that iLife will be updated, possibly with iPhoto 5. That's what I'm interested in. Of course if iWorks has a solid non-Word-like WP/Layout application with an open file format -- well ...

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