Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bug in Google's identity management: Gmail and Groups

Google Groups

Google has a bug in their identity management.

1. Log into Gmail.
2. Switch to Google groups.
3. Create a post.
4. OOPS. Don't want to put my Gmail address on Usenet! Good catch Google. Ok, click on the option to use other account.
5. Uh-Oh. Screen allows one only to CREATE another account, not to use one that already exists.
6. Go back -- lose all post content.

It's a bug! Of course there's no way to report this to Google.

Here's another one.

Reply to a post in Google Groups. Get a dialog to login. Login. Lose the contents of what one posted. (Firefox 1.0)

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Unknown said...


another bug, been there for a couple of weeks now. Everytime I sign into iGoogle I get immediately redirected to a lame list of the two inactive Google Groups I'm part of. It's automatic and I can't do anything about it, I cannot access my iGoogle page without being redirected to that list.