Wednesday, February 23, 2005

PowerBook repair recommendations

PowerBook G4

Given Apple's repair quality problems, consider omitting AppleCare and paying for a credit card extended warrantee. Then do repairs at one of these places.
Andrew Miller
One need not pay Apple $1000 to have a 12' Al Book fixed. I've done business with and and both have replacement screens for well under $500. They can both also do the replacement for you.

Andrew Main

At the risk of ruining his chance to get a free (?) PowerBook, Apple is not the only repair option. DT&T Service in California, for instance, will repair the display for $550.

Other third-party service companies such as PowerBookResQ, TechRestore and PowerBook Medic are also worth checking out.

Alex Dawson

In response to Chris Halaska; Wegener Media quotes $479 to replace a 12 inch AlBook screen or only $399 for DIY install of the screen module. Cheaper than a Mac Mini. I've purchased LCD modules from them before, and they've arrived well packed and intact to me in Australia.

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