Thursday, February 24, 2005

CUPS and root in OS X

Only serious geeks should mess with the OS X CUPS web interface. If you need to, however, you now need root access. Here's a report from Macintouch OS X 10.3.8:
Dan O'Donnell on CUPS authorization: Doug Edwards wrote: 'After I upgraded to 10.3.8 I find I can no longer use the CUPS Web interface for administering printers. The initial page on localhost:631 comes up OK, but then clicking on 'Administration' now causes a username and authorization dialogue box to appear whereas before no such authorization was necessary. Furthermore, my (administrator) username and password is not accepted.'

Several upgrade numbers ago (10.3.3) Apple changed the authorization in CUPS such that now only root can make these changes. The .conf file is editable though, and I have commented out the lines that made this change so my people can again make changes to CUPS without root access. From my image changelog I have written: Discovered that SecUpdt 04-05-2004 changed file cupsd.conf, which now requires root authorization to get cover pages and make other changes. Commented out lines 835, 836 and added line 837 to AuthType None to fix .

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