Thursday, February 17, 2005

Colorsync support with Safari

MacInTouch Home Page: "[John Fieber] Safari and Omniweb support embedded ICC profiles. ColorSync is always enabled in Safari, and is a preferences option in Omniweb and Internet Explorer.

  A caveat about Safari ColorSync support is that it assumes Generic RGB for untagged images, not sRGB. I, and a lot of other folks on Apple's colorsync list, find this rather distressing since, for better or worse, sRGB is the standard for web graphics in the absence of explicit tags. I haven't checked what Omniweb and IE assume for untagged images.
  ICC Profiles in Images is a page to test colorsync support.
  ColorSync in Mozilla addresses the Mozilla family of browsers.

[Christer Olsson] There's actually no way to turn ColorSync off in Mac OS X 10.3. Safari (and Mail and Preview) is using ColorSync to match tagged images. More details can be found in the following document: Color_Management_in_Mac_OS_X.pdf"

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