Wednesday, May 10, 2006

iWebSites: now I need to look at iWeb

This donationware utility (via Macintouch) reminds me that I iWeb came with my iLife 06 package. I'd sort of forgotten about it since it was so .Mac centric (which meant I had to decide whether I cared for .Mac, which could take me years at my current cycle capacity). Thanks to iWebSites I can assess iWeb on its own merits.
iWebSites Home

When Apple introduced its clever iLife web design software, iWeb, they left out one important feature: the ability to load and save multiple web sites. There isn’t even an “Open” menu item under the File Menu! You can create multiple “sites” that are somewhat independent of each other, but they still exist as one file (”Domains.sites”) and cannot be separately uploaded onto different web servers or into different .Mac accounts.

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