Monday, May 22, 2006

MacBook: Less useful than the old iBook?

The new MacBook is pretty enough, but in what way is it a real improvement on the G4 iBook?

The G4 came with AppleWorks (can open Excel spreadsheets!), ran classic apps, and was underpowered for Aperture. The MacBook doesn't include AppleWorks, can't run classic, and is not approved for Aperture or any of Apple's pro apps. The G4 worked with the chargers and power connectors that came with my G3, the MacBook has an expensive and proprietary charger that's only available from Apple (lockin!). The MacBook runs hotter than the G4 and has a shorter battery life.

Sure it's faster, but if faster doesn't get me the Pro apps is it really worth all that much?

There's only one real win with the MacBook. It boots XP. (Oh, and it does monitor spanning without a hack.)

The MacBook does less than the iBook, but what it does do it does faster. The only way in which it's a "win" is the ability to run XP.

That's sad.

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