Thursday, September 14, 2006

iTunes 7 issues

Macintouch is compiling a list of iTunes 7 issues, mostly on OS X since this is a Mac site. A few that look like true defects:
- if your iTunes Library is in an atypical location you may have big problems. Consider relocating to a conventional location. OS X seems to be increasingly adopting the defects of XP.
- There's a big bug with OS X dual monitor setups. In some cases displaying the album images on a second monitor will lock up your system.
- Memory demands have risen significantly and there seems to be a lot of graphics processor demands -- presumably related to the album art. G3 machines are borderline for iTunes 7. Shame about all those machines Apple ships with 512MB of memory, much less the 256MB of only a few years ago.
- I was surprised to learn that iTunes 7 on OS X still doesn't support Apple's VoiceOver accessibility features. I'd like to see some ADA litigation going -- Apple has run out of excuses. They had the time, they have the cash, they own the US. Sue 'em.
- There's the usual odd mix of things not working on some machines. Some of these will be real bugs, some probably represent hardware or deep software issues that might have been exposed even by reinstalling iTunes 6.
As a side note the album art download feature, it's been pointed out, tells Apple know exactly how much music you have and what percentage is DRM vs. non-DRM.

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