Monday, September 11, 2006

Keyword Assistant for iPhoto - updated at last

My only complaint about KA is that if weren't free, I could buy it and nag the author to get updates out more often. Alas, its free, so I have to suffer in silence.

It now fully works with iPhoto 6.xx again, and it's "universal" as well. At last! Of course I'll wait a few days before installing, I've been waiting weeks as it is ...


Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Sorry about the delay. I'll try to be quicker next time. ;-)

Look at it this way: By updating last night, I practically guarantee that Apple's event tomorrow morning will involve a new iPhoto version!


(I often do a quick search for KA related posts after updating. Helps catch bugs that people don't report to me, for some reason. Hence my finding this post.)

JGF said...

Hi Ken! I hope you caught my deep affection for KA beneath the whining. If you set up an Amazon donation box I could send you money ...

(I don't do PayPal, alas, and Google Checkout isn't apparently configured yet for small donations.)