Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Google apps: feeble.

How feeble are Google's vaunted "Apps"?

So feeble that a new user going to the calendar site doesn't see the group calendar. They see only their own calendar.

So feeble that Page Creator has been stuck at the "intern's summer project" level for years.


Update 8/10/07: There are so many bugs and oddities I think I'll just keep adding them to this post ...
  1. Start page: click the "even more" link in the google tools hieararchy and get:
    Not Found
    The requested URL /intl/en/options/ was not found on this server.
  2. Creating and editing the common start page has very limited control options.
  3. In order to allow a user to edit a single web page, you have to give them admin control over the entire domain.
  4. You can change a user's name in the user controls, but this doesn't propagate to the calendars. Even if you manually change the name in the calendar, the name shown as "calendar owner" will remain incorrect.

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