Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Retrieving a set of original photos from Picasa - quickly

Need to get a set of full res images from Picasa?
Official Google Data APIs Blog: Picasa Web Albums adds new API features

  • Searching a user's photos: You can search through all the photos belonging to a single user using the q query parameter. Example:
    will find all photos owned by user userID which contain the word 'penguin' in the title, caption or tag.

  • Downloading the original photo: You can now download the original photo, including all EXIF data. This is accomplished by retrieving the feed with the imgmax=d query parameter and value This will return a feed where the media:content elements reference the original downloadable image.
I tried this: This produced a nice feed result in bloglines of all my public albums (if I'm not logged into Picasa) or ALL my albums (if I am logged in to Picasa), but only links to the albums. just gave me an error message.

Still working on this ...

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