Saturday, August 18, 2007

iPhoto '08: makes Aperture look fast?

I agree:
iLife 08 - Macintouch

...iPhoto 08 is much slower than 06. When I open it, the MDS process all of a sudden uses a ton of CPU, anywhere from 30%-100%. This happens as long as iphoto is open. Closing iPhoto fixes the problem. I'm running a black macbook 2GHz Intel Core 2, 1GB RAM....
Apple has figured out how to make Aperture look better -- it's now more responsive than iPhoto! I sure hope this will turn out to be a fixable bug. In imported 26 images into an empty folder, and mid-way through the fifth full screen edit iPhoto became sluggish and my MacBook fan roared to life.

Update: I tried another session and I didn't run into this problem, but I avoided full screen editing this time. I'm hoping this really is a bug, possibly with the full screen edits. The editing tools are all significantly improved. I like the events features because I never used rolls, events are simpler. it's odd that double clicking the title bar doesn't hide iPhoto, maybe Apple's abandoning that age-old UI feature.

If this isn't fixed, then I'd suggest not upgrading to iLife '08, but instead save your pennies for Lightroom.

(iLife '08 includes iPhoto 7.01, but most people call it iPhoto '08.)

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