Monday, May 05, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6: unacceptable

Bizarre, but true. Adobe's latest verison of Photoshop Elements still requires users to run as administrator. - Run Photoshop Elements 6 under a non-admin account:

... Version 6.0 of Adobe's Photoshop Elements still has problems when running under non-admin accounts. On my computer, none of the effects or layer styles would appear in the Effects palette. It appears that PSE6 needs to write to a file called MediaDatabase.db3 in order to load the effects...
There's allegedly a fairly simple workaround for this problem, but that only lowers my opinion of Adobe.

Running as an administrator is like having an alligator filled moat around your castle -- and then draining it and eating the alligators. Nobody should run as Admin in 2008.

Adobe is not your friend. Heck, Adobe is working for the bad guys. Adobe is your enemy.

Don't buy Adobe products.

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