Sunday, May 11, 2008

Walkabout camera: DP-1, Richo GX or Canon G9?

Nice discussion of high end walkabout cameras ...
Out In The Streets - Inside Aperture

... I left out the Leica M8 as I think that for $5500 (for the body alone) the camera just isn’t there yet. The perfect camera for me is really a Leica M9, with a full frame BEAUTIFUL sensor, and all the ergonomics of its film predecessors. Until that model exists, I can’t see myself investing that much money in something substandard.

The G9 will have to do for now. Hopefully it will fill that void between the little camera in my iPhone that I ALWAYS have with me, and my DSLR, that I just don’t like to lug around with me anymore unless I have to. Either way, these three cameras really do point toward a new class of camera. A 'street-able,' compact camera, pocket sized, that shoots RAW, works with Aperture, has a wide and fast lens (fixed is fine with me) and can produce large prints that I can hang on the wall.
I'm surprised the G9 is considered pocket sized! I had a Canon G2 and liked it quite a bit, but Canon lost its way with the subsequent models in that series. Nice to know the G9 has a following.

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