Thursday, March 12, 2009

CBC Radio jazz on iTunes with control

I recently rediscovered something I wrote about five months ago: Digital radio - Apple style. I haven't see anyone mention this since, and I even forgot about it myself, so here's a reminder.

Briefly, CBC Canada broadcasts near-CD quality digital music streams over the Internet - for free. The Jazz and Classical selections are superb.

Most people have forgotten that iTunes will subscribe to these digital radio streams. It's kind of hidden away, but it works.

Problem is, iPhone doesn't show digital radio streams in the UI. So it seems you can't control iTunes digital radio from your iTouch/iPhone. Unless you put the stations you want in a playlist -- then they work perfectly.

Read my older post for the details.

As I write CBC Jazz is streaming from iTunes, running in the background on my old G5 iMac (fast user switching enabled) to my old AirPort Express. It's sending analog output to a compact amplifier that connects two modest living room and kitchen speakers.

It's quite lovely, I'm sorry I forgot about it.

Give it a try!

PS. Radio Heartland with Dale Connelly is now available under the Public Radio list. Well worth a listen.

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