Friday, August 27, 2010

Cautionary tale about Google Apps for business

Bad outcome with using free Google Apps for business operations.

A few quick comments:

  • Dreamhost is the best way to use free Google App. They give you document hosting, domain registration and control, support and service, and associated Google Apps. (see my kickback deal with promo code KATEVA). I use 'em, I like 'em. Unusual company.
  • The connection between Google Apps and domain name is tenuous. App content and services will survive domain divorce.
  • Gmail has the same problem. So do all Google services, including identity management. There is no support. That scares me.
  • Google Apps pricing is a great deal for a school or even a modest business, but it scales oddly and it's too much for a paid Google Apps family account. I'd like to see Google offer more price/service options.

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