Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Alive! Blogger lives!

Now they've introduced their first significant feature change in years.

Blogger has graduated from "Walking Dead" to at least "Sick". It lives.

Now if Google does a mobile version, and gets their greatest geniuses to fix new-editor paragraph spacing (including in the #$!$# blockquotes) and style vs. inline formatting bugs, I'll move it to "Quick".

In honor of Blogger's resurrection with the new comment filtering, I've disabled moderation and captchas on this blog. We'll see how it works!


JGF said...

I've also disabled captcha on my blog.

I'm optimistic this will work. I loathe captcha.

I did accept the default recommendation to require approval on comments > 14 days old.

JGF said...

Oops! Turns out doesn't have the new comment moderation yet. As soon as I turned off captcha I got spam.

I'll try again tomorrow.