Monday, August 02, 2010

Take Control of Permissions in Snow Leopard

I really wanted this book about six months ago, when I was fighting a losing battle with OS X permissions (they suck) - Take Control of Permissions in Snow Leopard by Brian Tanaka.

It has sentences like this (emphases mine) ...
When a new file or sub- folder is created, the ACL of the enclosing folder is inspected for rules (ACEs) that are marked to be inherited, and those rules are added to the ACL of the new file or folder. ACL inheritance is static—it happens only when the file or folder is created. If the ACL of the enclosing folder changes, the ACLs of items already in the folder will not reflect those changes: only new child items will inherit the new rules.
Permissions are the weakest aspect of OS X. The default framework was archaic in the 90s, and the only slightly less archaic "modern" ACL framework has no GUI tools. All Mac geeks need this book.

It's normally $10, but I got it for $5 since TidBITS is promoting their new customer management system. (Sale ends 8/3, sorry.)

If you're a former TidBITS user you need to do a password reset to get your new password.

The details are in an email you probably deleted. I had a devil of time figuring out how to Login, turns out the "Login" text in top right is not a description for the neighboring navigation drop down, it's an atypical button. Really, they needed to make it either a true button or a true link, not bold formatted text. I love TibBITS, but really guys ...

Anyway, you need the book.

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