Sunday, September 19, 2010

GV Mobile is back - wait for the reviews

GV Mobile has returned to the App Store, presumably due to FTC pressure on Apple. Is the Battle of Google Voice entering a new phase?

It's now GV Mobile +. I bought it, but you shouldn't until you read some reviews. There are already troublesome signs
  • Sean didn't manage to update his web site prior to launch.
  • It's not an update to GV Mobile, so you pay again. I'm actually fine with that, but it does mean GV Mobile customers should wait for reviews.
  • It wasn't tested on the iPad.
  • It apparently doesn't run on 3.1 -- and there's no mention of that in the iTunes description! (Bad form.)
  • It's not compatible with Google's "Multiple sign-in" feature.
Basically the developer got caught out, GV Mobile + was not ready for launch. Give it time, read the reviews, and one demerit to Mr Kovacs.

Update 9/25/10: Working fine in light use. Probably coincidence, but the voice connections using this methods have been better quality than what I was getting dialing direct. It's faster and more reliable than setting up a long dialing sequence with pauses. I use it 3-4 times a week to call Canada.

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