Friday, September 10, 2010

Twitter feed for my Google Shared Items

Five months ago I started using twitterfeed to route my Google Shares to my (real name) personal twitter account. I pretty much forgot about it, I don't have much use for Twitter.

So I was surprised one day to discover people follow that twitter stream -- including people I know. A stream that has my (c) real name on it! A discoverable stream!

That won't do. The reason I changed all the names on my blog to my first and middle names (John Gordon) is so that my ideas and shares wouldn't be trivially discoverable. Trivial discovery is a poor match to my boring work life.

So today I created a duplicate Twitter feed for my Google Shared items -- as  John Gordon (jgordonshare).

If it keeps working I'll gradually promote that stream, and remind people following my true name Twitter feed to switch over. Then I'll turn off my true name stream.

Identity management is a subspecialization of reputation management.

-- My Google Reader Shared items (feed) (twitter)

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