Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Synchronizing iPhone to Google - a review

Nothing new here, just a summary of the different ways one can sync between an iPhone and Google (Personal or Apps).

Ok, some of these things (dual alarm) are new with 4.2. Also new in 4.x, I think, is that if you choose the default Gmail account sync in the iPhone you get an option to sync your calendar. I think that used to require some separate setup. Note "Exchange" means ActiveSync.

My impression is that Apple likes CalDAV/IMAP and Google likes ActiveSync; they call it GoogleSync.

  • IMAP only - not sure this is worth anything anyway. Use Simplenote.
  • Exchange only

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Martin said...

I would actually prefer to use IMAP instead of Simplenote: It's a proven and open standard with a relatively safe infrastructure and a viable business model behind, connections can easily be encrypted and you are not dependent on yet another third party. Unfortunately, Apple seems not that eager to promote notes syncing via IMAP. It would make a great API!