Sunday, September 19, 2010

Installing from an ISO file for OS X VM hosted XP - use Disk Mounter

This is fun, but geeky.

I run XP in a Fusion 3.1 VM so I can use PowerPoint 2007 (PPT 2008 for Mac is a disaster,my dept requires PPT)  and a few other ancient Windows apps (Quicken, Access) with no Mac equivalents.

Recently I had to install from an ISO file. There are lots of ISO mounting solutions for Windows (not needed for Vista/7?), but I didn't need to bother. OS X Disk Utility (Mounter) will mount an .ISO file, just double click on the file.

I mounted the ISO file in OS X 10.6, then in Fusion I shared it into the Fusion environment.


[1]  OS X .DMG files are a form of .ISO file, and the simplest form of .DMG will mount with a Windows ISO mounter if the extension is changed.

Update: Andrew W, clearly in a party pooping mood, points out that if I'd looked in VMWare under "CD" I'd have seen it will mount an ISO image itself.


Andrew W said...

I think you can mount the image as a virtual drive directly in Fusion.... Check the VM's Settings under CDs and DVDs.

JGF said...

You're right! Gee, that's not nearly as much fun.