Saturday, May 24, 2008

Google knows Google Calendar Sync is broken

Google should stop the Google Outlook Calendar Sync "beta" and regroup, but at least they've recognized it's truly broken:
New way to report Google Calendar Sync issues - Users - Troubleshooting | Google Groups:

.... To help us continue our investigations into some of the Google Calendar Sync issues we’re aware of, please fill out the info in the form provided below...

Reporting form
They created the urgent feedback form on 4/16 and added notes on 4/25. They request submission of the log, but apparently that's been problematic.
How to get the Google Calendar Sync log file

...C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Google Calendar Sync\logs...
In my case recurring events are being synced with a 1 hour delay. In other words, it's a time zone problem. Time zones are a nightmare, as a friend said we should really all change to sidereal time.

Google groups posts demonstrate a very wide range of problems with sync, all of which seem time zone related.

No matter how gnarly time zone problems are, my sympathy for Google is limited. They need to pull the "beta".

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Anonymous said...

If you're looking for an alternative to Google's proprietary sync utility you could always give Calgoo Connect a try. Connect will allow you to sync your Google Calendar with your Outlook Calendar, and there is also version that allow for sync with Apple iCal, 30 Boxes, etc.

Food for thought,