Sunday, October 17, 2004

How to disable Windows iPod mounting ...

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From a posting of mine:
This might be a first.

There are lots of posts from folks who can't get their iPod to mount on their PC. I don't have that problem.

My problem is I DON'T want my iPod to mount on my PC. I want to use my desktop front firewire port simply as a convenient charger for my iPod. Here's the deal.

I use my iPod with my Mac and it's HFS+ formatted. I do have iTunes on my PC, but I use it in a weird and unsupported way to burn music I later move to my iBook managed SMB/NTFS hosted iTunes library.

So I have iTunes on the PC and that's fine. But I want my PC to ignore the iPod and just charge the device.

At this time when I plug it in the PC launches iPod Manager and offers to reformat it. I have to cancel out (better not hit the wrong key!) then go to the drive list and "eject" (dismount) removeable drive E. Then I can use my iPod while it recharges.

I used XP services to disable the "iPod service" (stopped it and set to manual start). That may have gotten rid of the dangerous offer to reformat the iPod. XP still mounts the iPod as a removable disk, so I do have to eject before I can use it. That's not bad -- I can live with it. Be great to prevent that happening though.

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