Friday, October 22, 2004

Site Studio: FrontPage LITE for OS X

Site Studio

Now this is innovative. It's a cross between a simple content management system and something like FrontPage. The application uses a variety of templates and forms to design an "web site". The site is a single XML document (looks like an OS X plist document). It can reference images and files. You click a button to generate HTML locally or to upload the HTML.

It could be used easily by schoolchildren or non-techies. There's a limited WYSIWYG editor for some web page work.

It reminds me a bit of all the creative site creation tools that came out on PCs in the 1990s. Most went away. A few mutated to become very high end tools, and FrontPage just mutated (period). This shareware tool harkens back to a lost era.

I'm not quite sure how I can use it, but I'll play with it for a while. Maybe I'll figure out a use. I don't think there's any way to use to import an existing web site.

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