Saturday, October 23, 2004

Looking for a new hosting service

I'm looking for a new hosting service. I've used softcomca ( for years, but their prices are high for what they offer and I always have problems with their FP extensions being enabled on my site -- I don't want those darned extensions!!

Some alternatives


Both of these offer vastly more than my site. Lunarpages allows one to install WAR files (ie. Blogject, Zope, etc)!

Searching on these two companies (a very sneaky technique -- if you ever want to find good reviews about a service or product, search on both the product and a competitor -- eliminates 99% of the junk and almost all ads) found this comment:

"LunarPages, DreamHost, iPowerWeb, and AvaHost"

So LunarPages and DreamHost are very well ranked, as are iPowerWeb and AvaHost.

Now when I search on the above I also see some interesting Google AdWords listings.

This doesn't look hard at all.

Update: I ended up with Lunarpages. I paid for a year in advance, but they have a 30 day MBG. They had the best description of their overall services and they were the only site to mention spam filtering options for email.

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