Sunday, December 20, 2009

CD won't mount - a fix (10.5)

My 10.5.8 MacBook wouldn't mount a blank CD. I'd insert it, but it didn't appear on the desktop or in the Finder (Finder preferences were set to show CD, DVD.)

I could eject using Disk Utility. In DU the disk showed as though it already had data, but could not be erased.

Here's how I fixed it:
  1. Demonstrated the disk would indeed mount in another account (so the problem was my user account).
  2. In my user account the CDs & DVDs preference pane was set to "When you insert a blank CD: Ignore". I changed it to "Open Finder" (which shouldn't be necessary, but when I changed it back to "Ignore" the blank CD didn't mount).
After the change the Preference Pane the problem resolved.
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