Monday, October 04, 2004

Completely removing Chapura KeySuite -- recovering from an Outlook Profile change

Synchronize Outlook with Palm OS handheld...

KeySuite has worked much better for me than about 6 previous solutions, but I really scrambled it when I had to change Outlook Profiles (delete old, create new) on one machine. Back to the nightmares of duplicate tasks, sync errors, etc. Problem was KeySuite 3.2 didn't quite manage the Profile change -- it "thought" I was synchronizing with two profiles on two machines. It actually tried to handle this, but sometimes it got severely confused.

Problem was, I couldn't make KeySuite "forget" about the sync settings. Turned out they were in the "Key ..." folders in my Palm data folder. (Worse problem -- I had TWO Palm data folders and chose the wrong one to work on ...). So deleting those allowed me to start over properly.

These full uninstall directions are more complete than the ones on Chapura's site, but the key step is removing the KeySuite folder from Outlook and removing the above mentioned data folders.
To completely uninstall KeySuite, please complete the following:
1. To remove KeySuite from the computer:
2. On the PC, click "Start/Settings/Control Panel" or
"Start/Control Panel" and double-click the "Add/Remove Programs" icon.
3. From the "Add/Remove Programs" window, highlight KeySuite from
the programs list and click the "Add/Remove" or "Change/Remove" button and click "Yes" to uninstall KeySuite.
4. Open the Folder List view in Outlook by clicking on "View/Folder List".
5. On the "Folder List", right-click on the KeySuite folder and click "Delete KeySuite".
6. Right mouse click on your Start button and go to Explore. On the C: drive locate the Palm folder
7. In the Palm Folder go into the folder that is some form of your name. In that folder locate the KeyContacts, KeyDates, KeyTasks and KeyNotes folders and delete them.
8. Now, under Program files locate the Chapura folder. In the Chapura folder delete the KeySuite folder and the Forbin folder if you have one.
9. Close the Exploring window
10. Go to Start/Run and type in regedit and hit OK
11. Hit the (+) sign next to HKEYCURRENT USER
12. Hit the (+) next to Software
13. Under software hit the (+) sign next to Chapura and delete the Key folder.

To remove KeySuite from the handheld:
1. Tap on the "Applications" icon (picture of a house) on the bottom left and tap on the "Menu" icon located directly below the "Applications" icon.
2. From the menu bar, tap on "Delete".
3. From the "Delete" screen, highlight "KeyToday", "KeyContact", "KeyDates", "KeyNotes", "KeyTasks", KeyAlarmLibrary" and "KeySuiteLibrary" one at a time and tap "Delete" and then tap "Done".
Note: Some older handhelds may not list "KeySettings-CpKS".
4. Synchronize the handheld one time. Now, reinstall the KeySuite software and sync twice.

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