Monday, October 04, 2004

Hello. Bloggerbot and Google GBrowser.

Hello : Introducing BloggerBot

They still don't have a good OS X solution. I'd looked at Flickr, but I'm thinking this makes more sense for photosharing. I might even install the peer-to-peer client on my mother's machine -- though that's probably asking for trouble.

Hello's original design was around a peer-to-peer model. That requires installing an instant-messaging client on each machine. Obviously a dumb idea -- until Google incorporates that peer-to-peer component into their GBrowser (in which case photo sharing will be a relatively modest piece of the puzzle).

In the meantime Google has kludged a semi-clever interface layer between Hello and Blogger that allows one to share photos with non-Hello users via the good old fashioned web.

To use it, do this:

So you'd need to do this:

1. Download Hello and create a Hello account.
2. Create a Blogger account -- accept the default of the Blogspot server. This is pretty easy too.
3. Implement the Hello/Blogger integration (The "BloggerBot" looks to the Hello server like any other peer-to-peer client. It exchanges messages with the Hello server and creates Blogger posts, then updates the Blogger server - in my case, blogspot.)
4. Upload photos and add comments.
5. Point users to the Blog URL.

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