Monday, August 01, 2005

Awakening a home to music - iTunes, Awaken and a stereo

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If one has a home stereo receiver connected to an Airport Express and controlled by a workstation, then this tool could allow one's home to waken to music. A reason to add wireless speakers to the odl home stereo?
Awaken digital alarm clock utilizes iTunes. Posted Jul 29, 2005, 1:00 PM ET by Dave Caolo

My iMac lives in my bedroom, so it makes sense that I'd want to use it as an alarm clock. I know there are several ways to get this done, and today I discoverd one more: Embraceware's Awaken.

Awaken will wake you up by launching iTunes and playing a user-selected track or playlist at a designated time. Set up recurring alarms or individual, date-specific occurrences. Other features include a sleep timer for drifting off to your favorite music, podcast support (be awakend by your favorite podcast) and a wake-from-sleep feature that rouses your Mac from sleep mode if need be (why should you be the only one inconvenienced?).

Awake requires Mac OS 10.3 or later and iTunes 3.0 or later (note that iTunes v.4.0 or later is required to display album art with alarm notifications). There is a 14 day trial version available, and a single license will run you $8.95US.

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