Thursday, August 11, 2005

Scanner support remains problematic in Tiger: Epson support

Mac OS X 10.4.2 (Part 29)
Epson Scanner Software Causes Hardware Problems

Smokey Ardisson

Steven K. Roberts wrote in Wednesday's Mac OS X 10.4.2 report that the software for his Epson 4180 was causing massive CPU use, temperature spikes, etc., even when not in use. I'm afraid I can't be very helpful, only to add that it's not specifically 10.4.2 related. I have the same model and experience the same problems under 10.3.9 (and earlier 10.3.x revisions) whenever the EPSON Scan software is open ...

Vincent Cayenne

... Apple's Image Capture will probably drive your scanner with no configuration necessary. When I upgraded to Tiger on my various machines, Epson Scan stopped working. After unsuccessful efforts to get it reinstalled and working, I discovered that Image Capture will drive all the Epson Perfection scanners that I've tried (1650, 1670, 3170, etc.). It may work for you.


I have an EPSON Perfection 2450 scanner, which has ONLY been using the VueScan universal driver and never causes any hardware/software problems, when using the preferred Firewire connection. VueScan is constantly being updated (free) by the author Mr. Hamrick, works with EVERY scanner, and is well worth $49.95. Most drivers that are supplied with ANY brand of scanner are nightmares to install/use and are hardly (if ever) updated to eliminate bugs or improve performance.

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