Monday, August 08, 2005

Remote control of a Tiger desktop

macosxhints - Some Apple Remote Desktop client features

I want to be able to control by iMac Tiger machine. Turns out Tiger now includes a VNC server -- Apple Remote Desktop client. This bundled servers is slower than OSXVNC but supports fast user switching and dual monitor displays. Directions for use are here.

TightVNC and 'Chicken of the VNC' are recommended clients for the iBook. TightVNC has a Windows version as well.

Update 10/13/05: NYET. TightVNC is strictly windows. Chicken of the VNC threw a zlib error and died. VNCViewer locked up my machine -- turns out it's years old. Tiger has a built-in VNC client, but there doesn't appear to be a low cost VNC Cient for the Mac that will support my iMac display. Apple Remote Desktop is $200.00, Timbuktu Remote is also costly (you need two licenses?). I guess I have to wait for Apple to support this feature.

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