Wednesday, August 10, 2005

GraphicConverter 5.7: I'll take some credit for the timing of some of the new features ...

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GC 5.7 is out, and I'll be an eager adopter. I can take a bit of credit for the timing of a few features (in bold, Thorsten implemented them after a request I made to the list -- the crop for photoservice idea is an old suggestion of mine but it's great):

* direct icns export added
* temporary visible grid option added
* exif to exif in xmp metadata conversion added for export as jp2 and png
* bsb import added
* psf import added
* export as favicon added
* export as byte-array header file added
* applescript command for color mode change added
* crop for photoservice supports a userdefined folder
* edit/add EXIF context menu entry added to the browser
* sort into subfolder with exif model added as function to convert&modify
* complex rename by exif data option added to batch rename
* EXIF-GPS tag support added
* support for high res windows icon files added (import)
EXIF in JP2 and PNG is not yet supported by Quicktime/iPhoto, but I'll add that request to Apple's site.

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