Friday, August 12, 2005

Pogue loves the SanDisk Ultra II Plus CF card

A Brilliant Memory Card - New York Times

My slightly older cameras take CF cards. Sandisk has figured out how to create a CF card that will interface to a USB port; an astounding feat that couldn't be done on a smaller scale memory card. Pogue thinks it's fabulous.
SanDisk says that the suggested price for its folding, Ultra II Plus card is $80 (for the 512-meg version), only $5 more than the non-folding Ultra II. Weirdly, I could find only one store online carrying the Plus card--Circuit City--and it was exactly the same price as the non-folding version ($84). (Note that these are high-speed cards. Regular 512-meg SD cards cost much less, in the $50 range.)

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