Thursday, August 25, 2005

Sleep and logout setting conflict issues

macosxhints - A possible solution to a wake from sleep problem

I may have run into some other odd issues with fast user switching and conflicting sleep and logout settings. I need to look for this ...

"Along with many other users, I have been experiencing problems with my PowerBook not waking properly from sleep. This only occurred when the PowerBook went to sleep automatically after the specified idle time. It worked just fine when forced to sleep.

After much looking, I finally found the solution. I had specified an automatic logout interval of 60 minutes in the Security preferences panel. This automatic logout seems to conflict with the automatic sleep. When I disabled the automatic logout, all of my problems have gone away.

After sitting idle, the PowerBook can start the screen saver (set in the Desktop & Screen Saver preferences), turn off the display (set in the Energy Saver preferences), put the computer to sleep (set in the Energy Saver preferences), and/or log out the user (set in the Security preferences). There seems to be a conflict between the sleep and log out functions."

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