Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Daring Fireball likes OpenDNS again

I've been thinking of signing up with OpenDNS for the built-in phishing and access controls.

I hesitated due to some concerns about their business practices, best described in Wikipedia. Also, DF was unsure about them.

Now DF has come around:
Daring Fireball Linked List: Using OpenDNS for Phishing Protection

...The other thing about OpenDNS is that it is fast, fast, fast — for me, it makes web surfing noticeably faster than using the default DNS servers I get from Comcast. I was on the other side of the fence about OpenDNS’s “DNS ” a few months ago, but I’ve come around again...
I'll give them a try. Since my machines get their DNS information from my router, I'll make changes there.

Update: I tried to create an account, but it didn't do anything. No error message, but no action either. Weird. Turns out their server was done. I was able to create one later that night.

Update 8/28/08: Our home network consists of an Apple AirPort Extreme connected to a Qwest DSL "modem". I changed the DNS settings on the Qwest DSL "modem" to use OpenDNS, the AirPort gets its settings from the Qwest modem and all the machines get theirs from the AirPort -- so this moved everyone over. I enabled filtering and logging (kids), but I haven't bothered with the DynamicDNS notifier -- my IP address doesn't seem to change much.

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