Friday, August 08, 2008

Fewer posts, more shared items – Google Reader changes my memory management

My iPhone purchase forced me to move from Bloglines to Google Reader. I don’t regret the move; Bloglines was fine but they were clearly running out of steam. Their inability to produce a mobile version was a sad sign that their day has passed. This is a tough industry.

Among Google Reader’s many great features is a convenient way to share feed items with optional annotations. 

Here’s my list. It’s not obvious or obviously documented, but this share list itself appears to have a feed [1].

I see a lot of things I’d like to keep track of. Some of them get posts here, some don’t. Now that I’m using this mechanism I’ll reduce the number of “pointer posts” here, and instead periodically point to interesting items I’ve shared – with annotations. Since my shared list combines technical and political, pointers from here will filter out the political.

It is not accidental that this mechanism of sharing works very well with Google Reader mobile on the iPhone.

This is, most interestingly, an extension to my memory management strategy. Google works in mysterious ways.

[1] So if you share items from the shared feed …

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