Thursday, August 14, 2008

Macworld's review of iPhone task apps

Macworld continues to impress. Dan Frakes has written a series of articles on iPhone task managers, even as desperate iPhone users invent ingeniously pathetic workarounds for Apple's task gap.

His first review covered apps as of 7/23/08:
Macworld | Review: Basic to-do apps for iPhone and iPod touch

... a quick stroll through the list of productivity apps in the App Store shows you how many developers have stepped up to the plate: earlier this week I found 13 to-do-list programs; five more-advanced task managers designed around the Getting Things Done (GTD) system or aimed at complex project management; seven apps focused on keeping shopping lists; and a handful of apps, such as Jott (), that use voice-recording and other unique approaches to help you remember the myriad tasks you need to complete in your busy life...
Since then he's added Zenbe lists and ToDo.

I'm going to be working through the list and I'll update this post if I find something I like. I do hope that either Apple will do something or that the Omni Group will get OmniFocus ready for release (with a more sane sync mechanism).

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Unknown said...

If you want to fully sync your tasks between your mac, PC, and iPhone using the same open standard (CalDAV) that iCal (mac) and Mozilla Sunbird (PC) use, then check out eTask on the app store.

eTask allows you to view, edit, create, delete, and sync your Tasks on several popular Groupware (e-mail) servers. Currently these include: Kerio Mail Server (KMS), DAViCal, Oracle Beehive, Cosmo Chandler, Yahoo, and SOGo (for primary calendar folders only).

If you don’t have a Groupware server you can create a free account on Yahoo (see the web-site FAW page for details). Once setup you can use the web-interface, iCal/mail (mac), Thunderbird/Lightning or Sunbird from (PC) to view and modify your tasks. Modifications to your tasks are automatically synchronized between all clients so you never have to take extra sync steps through iTunes or other special software.