Tuesday, August 05, 2008

iPhone synchronization is a flaming mess

1Password has yet another approach to iPhone synchronization. Problem is, it didn't work for me:
Gordon's Tech: Palm to iPhone: JFile to 1Password

.... After all of the following, I'm unable to get the sync to desktop working under 10.4.11..
1Password tries to sync with the desktop app. OmniFocus tries to work through an absurd WebDav service. Missing Sync for iPhone is the only product I've seen to date that syncs anything through the cable.

This is *%$& ridiculous. All of these kludgy synchronization methods are only creating security holes and stability issues. Not to mention screwing up my evenings!

Apple needs to give developers a standard, reliable, synchronization framework. I've worried about the apparent absence of API synchronization support for desktop apps for months; I'm not happy to discover I was right to worry.

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