Sunday, August 10, 2008

Unknown Error during iPhone app install or update

Update 9/14/08: Fixed.

I'm getting this error with the iPhone I was given when my original white 3G phone cracked.
Unkown Error On The iPhone |

... Ok so every time I try and update or upgrade an application on my iPhone I get this “Unknown Error: 0xE800002E. After some adjustments I was able to find a method to resolve, or at least update my apps. Here’s the key ...
Damien suggests selective installation (see post for details). This worked for me:
  1. Delete app from iPhone
  2. Delete app from iTunes
  3. Click to download. iTunes says I already own the app, offers to redownload.
  4. Sync
I wonder about an iPhone hardware problem, but I'm hoping it's a corrupted download problem. Re-downloading might fix that.

Update 8/11/08: I'm now seeing the same error with every application update that appears. I think that either my iPhone has a hardware bug or restore from backup doesn't work properly. I hope, and suspect, it's the latter.

This time I tried Damien Komala's tip. I deleted the app from the iPhone, then did a selective app sync with the app unchecked, then checked it.


Kaushal said...

Hey, I too am facing the same problem at every app update. I am using iPhone gen 1. I am sure this can be resolved with a software update. I wish Apple responds to this soon. I regret every time I update any app!!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm having the same issue and I don't want to re-install every application. I have saved information that I rather not lose. Does anyone have another solution?

Barbara said...

This happens to me too. Not a real "techie" so it is very frustrating. I now have 7 updates , when I try to update through my phone I get unable to download, update through iTunes. When I go to iTunes, I just get the error message you state.

I love my iphone, but this is very annoying.

Anonymous said...

Hey, i had the same problem!
I solved it!!!!!!!!!

But I'm sorry to say, that the only way is a restore of your iPhone.

- Restore your iPhone
- use it in iTunes as a NEW iPhone
- Sync with your iTunes afterwards and your done!

REMEMBER TO SAFE YOUR PHOTOS, etc. before you Restore....

Anonymous said...

Hi guys I have one sollution for this. Make another apple account with different email address don't worry you can use your same credit card for new account and go to settings open store open and sign out from your pervious account and get login with new account. Now try to download it will work. Mail me if u got success.