Sunday, August 03, 2008

FMTouch: FileMaker on the iPhone

If it suppored encryption, this would help a great deal with my Palm to iPhone migration. It's "pending approval" at the Apple store:

... FMTouch is a powerful application that enables you to use FileMaker Pro on your Apple iPhone or iTouch.

FMTouch allows you to take advantage of the relational data structure that makes FileMaker so powerful.

Simply select the database you would like to sync to the iPhone, use our sync technology, and within seconds you can have your FileMaker database working on your iPhone or iTouch.

FMWebschool to release limited Advanced version of FMTouch July 28, 2008.

FMWebschool will release 50 copies of FMTouch Developer editions to FBA and TechTalk members.
They don't have encryption as a feature, so I've send in a request.

I'm disappointed Apple hasn't resuscitated the defunct FM Mobile for their own platform.

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Anonymous said...

The next release of FMTouch will be towards the beginning of October and it will support 128-256 bit AES encryption. With this type of encryption we had to have approval from the U.S. Government.

Also check out to see the new features available in our upcoming release.