Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bloglines Advanced Search: this is very cool

Bloglines was acquired a while ago by, a 2nd tier search engine. Bloglines has its issues, but it's never sunk to the level of Blogger. It remains my primary blog tracking and reading tool.

Today they announced a new blog search suite, including Bloglines | Advanced Search. The neat part is they've delivered something I once asked Alta Vista to do -- back before there was a Google. The key is constraining search to a trusted subset of sites. If Alta Vista had followed my advice they might been able to fight off Google!

Bloglines offers the option of restricting search to one's blogroll. In other words, instead of searching all blogs, you get to search the blogs you like. No spam blogs of course. This is so valuable I may add back some of the very geeky blogs that I quit a while back. For pre-purchase reviews of technical products, in particular, this may be significantly better than a Google search. I'm going to see if I can embed the search box into my blog pages.

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