Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Get a junk fax, earn $100

Brilliant. Vengeance for us, money to a set of deserving lawyers:
Learn How To Stop Junk Faxes With Fax Recovery Systems, Inc.

...FRS makes it easy for you to fight the spammers. Simply print the Agreement and send it to FRS with the junk faxes you have received. You will receive a $100.00 check for each monetary settlement that FRS collects.
They get $400, we get $100. Win-win.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your scam is even more of a scam than the innocent fax broadcasting companies sending out the faxes to generate an honest living.

JGF said...

I like Monty's comment because it illustrates how the concepts of innocence and victimhood are socially determined.

This one isn't really that hard to sort out of course. If junk fax receipt really followed opt-in rules and the law then the faxers would be earning an honest living. Since it doesn't they're desperate people earning a illegal living by immoral means.