Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dominance: Canon digital cameras

Canon has 9 of the top 10 spots on Amazon tonight. A SONY comes in at number 10, followed by a Canon at number 11 and 12. I'm looking because our much loved S410's shooting mode dial no longer works -- the camera always stays in auto mode. I suspect a photo shoot in rainy weather did it in.

It's out of the 1 year warranty, but Canon service will do an upgrade to a refurbished SD400 for $150 (they don't advertise this, but they'll offer it when they have refurbs that are equivalent to an out-of-warranty camera. Not bad, but then I remembered I bought the S410 with my AMEX. They extend the warranty by up to a year, and I'm at 23 months today. So I'll get my money back.

Which is enough money to buy a Canon SD600, a 1GB memory card, and a case. I'd prefer to have kept my old reliable, but I can't complain too much ...

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