Saturday, June 10, 2006

iPod clock radio: iHome iH5

Update: EEAAAGGHHH. After I wrote the note before, I impulsively took a quick look at the Amazon reviews. What a dolt I am. I KNOW that the best sources of product information are the negative reviews on Amazon. (I always sort so the negative reviews come first, I think the positive reviews are often faked.) In a jaw-dropping exhibition of staggering stupidity, the alarm volume cannot be adjusted. It always starts low and scales to maximum. The LCD is bright enough to read by -- at the lowest setting. Thank heavens I was able to cancel my order before it shipped. iLounge gave this a near-top rating. Their credibility is now zero.

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The iPod has a built-in timer feature, so you can use it with speakers as a clock radio. I wanted a conventional radio though, so I bought the iHome iH5 Clock Radio. It had a good iLounge rating. It's oddly almost alone in its niche. It will be the final resting place for my old troubled 3G iPod and its all-but-dead battery. I'm looking forward to some creative wake up playlists -- some gentle piano followed by increasingly rousing music.

One odd commerce note. I almost bought this directly from the iHome site, along with the remote. Alas, the site didn't support Safari well, which annoyed me. Then they hit me with a $15 shipping charge at the very last minute. I abandoned my cart once click from purchase. I got it for $25 less at Amazon (free shipping).

Review to follow.

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